• Fisheye Light Fix Neo 2500 DX
The Neo 2500 DX's lumen output and ultra-wide angle of coverage is a great match for the most wide-angle video and photo lenses available for any camera system.

  •    Removal Li-Ion battery.The consecutive lighting of approximately 55 minutes* is possible by large-capacity Li-ion battery.*FIX NEO 2500 DX
  •    No worry about dropping water. Light module and battery module are waterproofing specifications. This function minimizes a risk to be flooded.
  •    Display on LCD Panel. 1.Power ratio, 2.Remaining time, 3.SOS mode, 4.Blink mode
  •    Simple operation.Only a pushbuttons can control 4-phase (25,50,75,100%) brightness control. And dimmer can 100-phase brightness fine adjustment.
  •    2ways charging method.The battery can charge either direct or battery alone.
  •    Included accessories. 2-Way hand grip, YS adapter, *Ultra adapter, *GoPro adapter, *Loc-Line adapter (*FIX NEO 800 DX not included)
  •    Changing the light head.Upgrading is easily possible just to change the light head.
  •    Optional Remote control system.Remote control by the optical fiber connection is possible. The controller is accessible multiple lights and can operate the switch ON/OFF and the light output adjustment.

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Fisheye Light Fix Neo 2500 DX

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